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Louisiana Home Inspection License Requirements

The home inspection profession is regulated in Louisiana and requires a license. Louisiana requires new home inspectors to complete several steps before applying for a home inspector license. Follow the path below to become a licensed home inspector in Louisiana.

PHII's online home inspection course is approved for pre-license education requirements in Lousiana.

The law requires:
1) At least 90 hours of approved education (PHII is fully-approved by Louisiana)
2) At least 30 hours of in-field training from a Board approved In-Field Training Provider (see approved list)
3) Completed high school or equivalent
4) Pass the National Home Inspector Examination (PHII's home inspection training course fully prepares you)
5) Submit an application

State Board:
Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors
4664 Jamestown Ave. Ste 220
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Don Lewis
(225) 248-1334

Approved: YES

Free 1-YEAR AHI Membership for Home Inspector Graduates
Upon achieving home inspector certification, PHII can offer all home inspector graduates a free $289 membership in the North American Association of Home Inspectors (AHI), a national non-profit professional home inspector association.

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